Reading the amount of people that are totally dissatisfied with VNI is not surprising.

If there are other people out there that would like to get some kind of retribution, contact me.

I was hoping to find other people that would like to consider starting a class action law suit against VNI for not delivering what they sold. The more people we get to join in the suit the better chances we have

If there is an attorney that would like to take this on that too would help also. fee to be discussed

please contact me at 480 699 5734 and leave a message

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sign me up too.


I would like to sign up also please contact me at nomeymoney@yahoo.com

Houston, Texas, United States #1170526

I would like to join any class action suit against VNI. We've been duped!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #785795

Would definitely like to be part of a class action lawsuit against vacation network

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #759875

Please add me to the list.

Austin, Texas, United States #724698

Please, I want in on this if possible. contact me at grhester1@yahoo.com.

My wife and I have literally never been on a vacation & could have gone on several for the $ we lost. They seized us like wolves.

Cypress, Texas, United States #705493

Please add me to this list.... You can contact me at guevmarc2003@yahoo.com. Thanks, Marynel

Enid, Oklahoma, United States #703955

I am so ready to sue the pants off of VNI. Please e-mail me at christinaelizabeth@att.net.

Oakboro, North Carolina, United States #679497

Sign me up! I was just scammed by someone who claimed to be with Vacation International Network.

I am working with my local police right now. I can be contacted at DEKNOR92@aol.com


Yes, I would like to join a class action law suit, too. contact me at anastasiasmith1211@gmail.com


Where you able to find a class action lawsuit to join or an attorney that would take it? I would like to sign up as well.

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