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Vacation Networks charges an annual fee that goes up 10% every year. That is fair provided they find you a vacation spot.

Two years ago I paid my annual fee, and paid my processing fee for a vacation in London. They couldn't find any place in London for me and instead gave me a vacation week credit. A year goes by and when I try to use my credit I am told I have to again pay another processing fee! I have stopped doing business with Vacation Networks because "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." I can't believe they want to extract more money out of me when they were the ones who didn't live up to the contract.

I paid my annual fee, I paid my processing fee and I didn't get a vacation.

Stay away from this company.

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If you still need help getting out. Email me at and let's see what we can do.

I got out in 2009! With money back!


SO NOT A SCAM.........I have been a VNI member since 2002 (I think). Have been to Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, Cayman Islands, Orlando and more and have never had any issues.

You do need to give enough notice and they do tell you they can not guarantee you will get to stay exactly where you wish but will get you close or put you in comparable accommodations. Every place we've gone to has been above average! We book out trips no later than January for an August vacation. We've also done a few of the hotline weeks and they have been superb as well.

Went to the Cayman Islands for a total of $400/week total not per person.....1 bedroom full kitchen beachfront villa......where else can you get that? 8)



Beware!!!!! Do not do it!!!!


The above glowing comments are ***. This company is on the news for scamming people. Google it.


Anyone in Houston, tx wish to buy my membership in vacation network, Inc for less than what I paid = $5500 ?

This program is for people who intend to travel for a good 15 years & vacation in high dollar cities or over seas. I am too old.


You want to hear about the real complaints about vacation network? I would recommend talking to the employees or as they call them 1099 contractors.

These contractors are the people who greet you, seat you are your table then talk to you after the hour long presentation is over. In my opinion, they are the real victims of this organization because the company does not follow employment law guidelines set forth by the federal government. For example, I overheard them tell a pregnant 1099 contractor that she could not take a weekend off two month before her due date. Additionally, during the time that I witness her requesting the weekend off I heard her say that she was only 5 months pregnant.

Who are they to tell a self employed pregnant 1099 contractor that they can't have a weekend off? After hearing that, I new that I was not interested in anything that they had to "sell."


Thank you to the people who are clients (like myself) who understand there are "guidelines" to follow. You get great prices on quality vacations. these same places on your own, and see how much they cost you.

A trip to London is very expensive, and you were booking it for less!!!! If you didn't give options of different places in London, then you made it more difficult to find you accomodations.

to THANK YOU #597994

Funny that is not what we were told when we were being sold this product. Also we have given plenty of notice of where we wanted to go and were told later that is was not available.

Also funny that some of the places we wished to go were HIGH Season all year long. Went on two trips and found great deals at the price they offered. So I think you are wrong. we have had it almost 4 years and have yet to have them book us a trip we wanted, always some excuse.

I guess if you want to go to the typical places like Hawaii and London you maybe right. Been there done that many times look for more adventurous locales.

Weatherby Lake, Missouri, United States #18848

I have been a mamber of VNI for 5 years, I have never seen and increase in my anual fee, are you sure you are a member of VNI and not some other place.

Family members and myself have used the membership many times without a hitch

Roper, North Carolina, United States #18762

I am dreamworks and vni member and i love it. I think your case is special, you must simply follow directions and you can take a holiday where you want.

Maybe you have buyers regrets, i am happy and i have family who are happy with program too.


Beth F. :)

Weatherby Lake, Missouri, United States #18143

My wife and I attended a presentation at Dreamworks and became a member with VNI 3 years ago and I couldn't be happier. I'd never before heard of such inexpensive accomodations, so I was skeptical at first, but we've had nothing but beautiful vacations so far.

We stayed in a beautiful villa in Italy and I finally got to see Hawaii.

I don't think I ever could have afforded to take these trips without VNI! I recommend them to everyone!

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