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Here are the steps I took (Mind you, I was able to prove that the company was a fraud: I drafted up a Termination of Account letter. This letter needs to state why you are terminating the account and you need to demand a FULL refund (if you are going after them for fraud)...make sure you calculate the amount you have paid and put that in the letter.

Once the letter is drafted and ready to be sent you need to email, fax, and Certified Letter it to the company. The Certified Letter will come back more than likely unopened. That is their way of not having to deal with you. You wait about two weeks after you sent everything off.

You probably won't hear from them.

Get online and look up your Attorney General for the state you reside in. You need to file a consumer complaint online. There is no charge to file a complaint. Make sure you state all facts.

Once the complaint is filed you will receive a letter from the Attorney General in about a week or two about how they are taking on your case. After that, everything is out of your hands. I was able to get back all my money spent except for interest. It was better than nothing.

If Vacations starts calling you need to demand all communications via email.

They do the calling because you can't document it. Make sure you have everything documented. It will show the Attorney General that you have done everything you can.

This is what I had to do. I know everyone's situation is different.

Is there any wrong doing on their part...if so document that and it will help you get out.

What you are doing is building your case. Make sure you document everything.

Original review posted by user Jan 28, 2010

Anyone that is looking for some answers regarding their account with Vacation Network....I might be able to help. I was able to Terminate my account with them and I got most of my money back.

This was after them telling me I couldn't cancel my account and they would send me to collections. There are ways out. I am tired of seeing this company scam people.

If you need help doing the same please contact me at kactusflwer@aol.com and I will walk you through the process I went through!

I am more that happy to help!

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Surprise, Arizona, United States #662827

The offer of advice and experiences posted by kactusflwer@aol.com is greatly appreciated. After getting quotes from an Attorney that start at $500, and knowing VNI's

escalating annual membership fee will reach $500 in the next 3 years, we appreciate the free advice. We hope we are as successful as Kactusflwer but realistically expect the uphill battle for any kind of refund from VNI.

Thanks again Kactusflwer!!!


Just an update,

I obviously haven't been on here in a while. I have been handling inquiries through my email and helping where I can.

For those that want to be negative about me offering advice, please don't bother commenting.

I am here only to help those that need the help. I am still offering the same advise as previously stated.

to Kactusflwer Memphis, Tennessee, United States #785796

Can u please email let me know how to reach you ,we have been screwed over by VNI for over 18 yrs ,need help ASAP

to Holly #785800

Email me at Kactusflwer@aol.com


It isnt a scam to me and I don't know why you are all complaining because if you use it correctly and contact them if you have trouble with it you can use your package wisely!


/what us Katusflwr? The aol gets junk Is Katusflwr a phoney too?


Why not post the 'advice' on this page?


Hello everyone,

I am still offering my help to anyone that is looking to cancel their contract with VNI aka Vacations Network. You can contact me at Kactusflwer@aol.com

I am here for anyone that needs help canceling their contract and getting their money back. I am happy to assist!

to Kactusflwer Katy, Texas, United States #1304489

I will be contacting you by email for you help. Thank you


I would love to get more info on how you got out? I signed last year and hadn't been able to get any services.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #149822

I too feel i am being scammed by Vacation Network

I appricate any help.


I am interested in how you did this. Can you somewhat explain it on here?

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