Vacation Network is a scam. It's owner Linh Dinh (linhdinh1971@yahoo.com) screws everybody....their customers, suppliers and employeees. They used to be in a location in Scottsdale AZ and failed to pay their rent and other bills there and vacated in the middle of the night.

They have hundreds of customers that canot get a vacation request. They also have more than 30 disgruntled employees that get screwed on their paychecks.

They promise gifts to go an a sales presentation then fail to deliver them. This is so wrong.

Stay away. This is a bad guy and a bad company.

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I did forget to ask how we can get out of this contract. Apparently we initialed that this is a binding contract and my husband and I both would never initial something like that.

They must have fooled us during the signature process somehow. But now what?


We have been members for 3 years and never been able to sue a vacation, no place we want to go is available for 4 people. During the presentation and talks afterwards we were totally led on by how easy it all would be since the network is so vast.

We were told there is always something available. BS! Maybe it wold be easier for 2, but they were quite aware that we have 2 young children so it will be years before it is just 2 of us. To top it off, and this really got to me, is that a sales employee form their Houston office, Walter, called to offer is own business in advertising our week for a $10 monthly fee.

His words were:"You probably have not been able to use your week like so many other members..." This is the same guy that told us 3 years ago how wonderful our membership will be. So yes...we feel scammed as well and recommend for all to stay away form this. Our annual fee has gone by 10% too and we were told the fees won't need to go up as the membership base grows internationally ... I guess a lot of folks are writing off their thousands of dollars of membership investment.

Don't do it! Go to the bank and find a better investment opportunity and use that money to vacation.


I agree this is a huge rip-off. I became a VNI owner in summer 2010 and just used now.

There are two big 'gotchas': 1- there is a MINIMUM 8% uplift on the maintenance fee annually (fine print) and 2: the exchange wording regarding HIGH and LOW demand seasons have some more gotchas. For Low (request outside 60 days) and High (outside 90 days) you MUST request outside these timeframes. (By the way, the navigation on their website is terrible, it does not timestamp requests, nor do you get email confirmations of requests when submitted, only after fact by Atlanta staff). Additionally, there are the holidays and "Special Events" which require requests to be made greater than 180 days from the time of your vacation.

The special events include 14 different events (all without specified dates) including such events as spring break and octoberfest. Additionally, VNI WILL NOT even look for properties, even if they might be available, during these times. So if one of their vendores such as RCI happens to have a property during one of the above times, and you wanted it, you could not get it through VNI because they will not do the search. Additionally, they require paymets in FULL for the properties prior to a search, and only if they can not fill the search will they then pay you back.

I have not gone through that process but can only imagine what a pain that will be.

This is worse than my previous experience with Timeshare, which by comparison, was much much better. Agree - stay away.

Monterey, Tennessee, United States #116270

Free trip for viewing presentation is not free- Check the fine print on the back of the form. Traveler pays $200 per person for airfare tax and surcharges as well as $25 per night for hotel room administrative fee.

Free trip will cost you $600. Why waste an hour with them to find out you have to pay $600 for a free trip.

Do they really tink consumers are that *** to fall for this? :eek


I was called by the same company here in Houston tonight. Thanks for the posts.

I wasn't planning on purchasing the "travel package" (I don't travel much and when I do, I book through yahoo travel, hotels.com or travelocity. I get great deals. But, the free trip was worth an hour of my time. But sounds like you will never see that "prize"!

Thanks for saving me 2 hours!

(30 minutes drive each way and an hour there and God only knows how many hours of frustration trying to get my "free prize"! :grin


Just got called by them for a free vacation if I come celebrate there new location here in Houston Tx. Glad I checked em out.

I'll let the Attorney generals office know in the Morning....Doom on them!!! They called the wrong person....


Thanks for posting this! You have saved me both time and money! Sherry :grin

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