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I paid cash in the amount of $4044.00 to VNI on 2/6/09. A few days later I looked the up on internet and read bad reviews.

I immediately contacted them to cancel because of what I had read. The general manager in Ga told me that people write complaints on Wal Mart, Bank of America, etc. all the time. he told me I had signed a contract and hung up on me.

I sent certified mail to VNI requesting my money back..no response.

I contacted my Attorney General (Alabama) and they told me they had talked to the company (they even sent me a copy of the letter VNI had sent them that was singing praises about themselves). My Att Gen would NOT help!!

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We joined VNI in early 2011.

Our financial situation drastically changed shortly after that and we were no longer able to make the payments. We asked to be let out of this thing since we never used the free trip, the gift cards, or the website info.. nada.

Well,it's a little over a year later we are not in their network anymore, but they have decided to come after us for almost $6000.

We can use your prayers.

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