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We have been members for 3 years and never been able to sue a vacation, no place we want to go is available for 4 people. During the presentation and talks afterwards we were totally led on by how easy it all would be since the network is so vast. We were told there is always something available. BS! Maybe it wold be easier for 2, but they were quite aware that we have 2 young children so it will be years before it is just 2 of us. To top it off, and this really got to me, is that a sales employee form their Houston office, Walter, called to offer is own business in advertising our week for a $10 monthly fee. His words were:"You probably have not been able to use your week like so many other members..." This is the same guy that told us 3 years ago how wonderful our membership will be. So yes...we feel scammed as well and recommend for all to stay away form this. Our annual fee has gone by 10% too and we were told the fees won't need to go up as the membership base grows internationally ... I guess a lot of folks are writing off their thousands of dollars of membership investment. Don't do it! Go to the bank and find a better investment opportunity and use that money to vacation.

Apparently we initialed that this is a binding contract and my husband and I both would never initial something like that. They must have fooled us during the signature process somehow. But now what?

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Cypress, Texas, United States #955967

I was also fooled into this vacation network thing. I just can not believe that I can not get out of a contract; I am being forced to be with this company otherwise my credit record is ruined.

This is not fair and there should be a way to get out it; people have the option to change their minds.

We are wasting money into this non-vacation network that provides nothing in return.

We have also tried to use it several times giving several overseas options to find out that all the locations are considered in high season therefore they can't never find any place suitable.
Memphis, Tennessee, United States #642549

Been scammed also, what would happen if we don't pay the yearly fee I wonder??


Email me at and I will help you with the process. I was able to get out but it takes some diligence.


Email me at and I will help you with the process. I was able to get out but it takes some diligence.


we too tried to cancel. my wife and i used it once, we tried to go to NY where i am from but the closest they could get me was VA.

i even called four months in advance. i paid the entire amount up front but i still want to get out of it.

we did the math and after the next 5 years the cost for the yearly fee will be close to 9oo. BS..


My wife and I are in a similar situation. We bought into this program, while on a cruise to St Thomas, USVI.

We tried to cancel the contract, once we got back on the ship and had sufficient time to read read the "fine print" of the contract. Since the contract was written with the "Non-Cancellable" clause, we were not able to cancel. Once home, we contacted the credit card company, but they offered no help. The next step was to contact the Attorney General offices of our state (Florida) and (Georgia), which is VNI's home state.

The State of Florida AG said that there was nothing they could do to help us. We have had several conversations with the State of Georgia AG, and our case is still open, but no resolutions have been obtained. We have talked to Bruce, at VNI, and his answer is that it is not VNI's problem, so we need to deal with the "Reseller" in St Thomas. The only problem is that they will not return phone calls.

Our next step was to contact an attorney, but he told us that there would probably not be anything he could do for us either. At $375 an hour (lawyer fees), any amount that we would hope to recover would be eaten up in fees.

Sounds like we have just made a big donation to someone's retirement fund. We can't believe that there is nobody that can help us, or any of the other people that have been SCAMMED by this company (and associates).


We are in the same situation. We have tried multiple times to use it but can't! I have heard of contacting your states attorney general....

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